Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Key Benefits Of Business Apps

There are numerous articles on the internet all showing you very graphically how the sale of smartphones is over 1 million per day and steadily rising and that in a year or so the majority of people will access the internet from smartphones.

So the bottom line is what impact is this likely to have on your business now and in the future. I would expect that your business website has a web site. But are you aware that having a web site does not mean that everyone can read it. The reason I say this is that owners of smartphones trying to browse a web site that has not been optimized for a smartphone would not be able to read the site.

This is because the the loading time for your site could be in excess of 10 seconds or even considerably longer and the site formatting will be incorrect, making it very difficult to navigate your web site.

  "Many folks spend a lot of time working on the design of their site for modern browsers, but fail to realize the ever-increasing percentage of site visitors that come by way of mobile devices. Not only is having a great site design important, you also need to prioritize usability and a quality user experience."
Source: Brian Gardner,

Key Benefits Of Business Apps

  • Business apps provide the business with instant feedback
  • Apps help to build strong branding for a business
  • Business apps engage the customers and builds trust and loyalty
  • GPS directions and one touch calling are key features that help customers
  • Business apps differentiate your business from your competitors
  • Apps can provide a business with squeeze pages to build an email list
  • Business apps can send out discounts, coupons or messages to your clients at low cost
  • Apps are providing added service to your customers
  • Business apps allow you to provide your business customers with a needed service

Mobile apps to promote your business is not a fad or passing trend it's here to stay and it's all about improving customer communications to gain and retain loyalty. Take a look at a provider of apps for small to medium sized business called Global BizznessApps.

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